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The American College of Psychoanalysts is an organization established to honor outstanding physician-psychoanalyststhroughout the world. The College honors, as Fellows, psychoanalysts who, aside from completing medical school, psychiatry residency, and psychoanalytic training, have distinguished themselves.  Fellows’ accomplishments encompass many areas relevant to the practice of psychoanalysis, including research, administration, lecturing, clinical practice, publication, and education.

Honorary Fellows include distinguished psychoanalysts who do not have a medical background. The College may also induct, as Members, physician-analysts who have begun to make serious contributions to the field.

The College offers Associate Membership to distinguished physicians with psychoanalytic interest; and Affiliate Membership to promising physicians taking post-residency fellowships at psychoanalytic institutes. The College is committed to mentoring the next generation of medically trained psychoanalysts, especially those who will make significant contributions to the field.  The College, therefore, sponsors scholarships, scholarly presentations at annual meetings, and a newsletter.

The College’s traditions comprise cordiality, camaraderie, and intellectual honesty.  To those ends, we celebrate yearly at an annual awards banquet and engage in forums, often with other scholars, covering such timely topics as neuropsychoanalysis, modern analytic theory, world politics, technique, child and infant research, and the interface of psychoanalysis with general psychiatry.

Springtime in Paris with Harold Blum, Gil Kliman, Henri Parens, Vamik Volkan, Alain de Myolla and 9 Professors from University of Paris Diderot! A fabulous conference schedule!

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